You May Be Wondering

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer destination services outside of the Pacific Northwest?

Absolutely! We're not limited to the Pacific Northwest – our love for capturing beautiful moments takes us all around the world. We've ventured from the US to Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and we even documented an elopement in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

So, whether it's revisiting a place you hold dear or exploring a completely new and exciting location, we're up for the adventure.

We're SO awkward in front of cameras. Can you help us?

Oh, we totally get it – that looming anxiety at the thought of being the center of attention. It's something most couples share, and you're absolutely not alone in that sentiment. But guess what? We're here to make sure that feeling doesn't stick around for long.

Our approach is centered around creating an atmosphere that's as relaxed as hanging out with friends. We want you to feel like your natural, wonderful selves, and that means you don't have to worry about posing perfectly or feeling self-conscious.

Engagement sessions are a great tool in this process. They're like a warm-up session... or a little adventure that helps break the ice. You'll get used to having the cameras around and before you know it, it won't feel like a big deal anymore. The sessions also help us understand your dynamic as a couple and tailor our guidance to your unique personalities.

Honestly, our ultimate goal is to make you forget we're even there. We totally understand that the first few moments might still feel a bit awkward, but we promise it gets better. When the cameras blend into the background, the magic begins–and those candid, unscripted real moments that define your relationship rise to the surface. So seriously, no need to stress. You got this!

How do payments work?

Paying for our services is designed to be easy and convenient. To lock in your date, we ask for a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due two weeks before your big day, so you don't need to worry about it on the actual event.

Do you provide raw, unedited footage as part of your videography packages?

We sure do! We understand the value of reliving your special day in its most authentic form. That's why we include the raw, unedited video footage as part of ALL videography packages. It's a chance to immerse yourself in the genuine moments, unfiltered and untouched, allowing you to experience the day just as it unfolded. Your love story, captured without any embellishments, gives you a true glimpse into the emotions and memories that make your wedding uniquely yours.

Can we provide a list of specific moments or shots we want captured?

We openly welcome your input and personal touches—your wedding day is a reflection of your unique story! If there are specific moments or shots you have in mind, we encourage you to share them with us. This is particularly important for personal details that might not be immediately apparent.

When it comes to family photos, we're on the same page. We understand that family portraits are an essential part of your day, and having a shot list with specific groupings helps us streamline the process. This way, you can spend less time posing and more time on the dance floor!

If you have mood boards, ideas, or visual references that capture the vibes of your vision, we'd love to take a look. It gives us insight into your style and helps us weave your story into a collection of photos and videos that resonate with you.

Do you shoot in film or digital?

We're all about embracing the best of both worlds – film and digital. When it comes to videography, we offer the option of Super 8 coverage, adding an extra layer of nostalgic charm to your memories, though it does come with an additional cost.

While we don't currently provide film photography as a separate service, our editing style draws inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of Kodak and Fuji. This means that even with digital photography, we infuse that distinct film-like essence, giving your visual memories a classic and enduring aesthetic.

What's your policy regarding travel fees and accommodations if our wedding is not local?

We truly value transparency and fairness in our pricing. When it comes to travel fees and accommodations for non-local weddings, we understand that each situation is unique. During our initial conversation, we'll take the time to discuss your specific wedding details, including the location and logistics. This enables us to provide you with a clear and tailored understanding of any associated travel fees or accommodation requirements. We want to make sure you're well-informed and comfortable with all aspects of our services, including any related expenses.

Do you have any recommendations for other vendors?

Yes! We're lucky to know some seriously talented folks in the wedding world. From awesome planners who can bring your dreams to life, to makeup geniuses, hair artists, flower maestros, DJs who can get even the shyest folks on the dance floor, and oh-so-stunning venues, and we are happy to drop names!

Here's the best part—some of these pros have become our dear friends. So, sharing their names with you feels like passing on the good vibes. Feel free to tap into our connections. It's like assembling your very own dream team, and we're thrilled to be a part of it!

Can we order prints or albums directly through your services?

Preserving your memories in tangible form is incredibly important to us. While we don't offer albums as part of our services, we do provide a premium photo printing service through our online platform, making it easy for you to order beautiful prints that you can hold, share, and display.

And yet.

We also understand the significance of having your memories in your hands, regardless of where you choose to print. Whether you decide to print through us or use your preferred printing service, the most important thing is to have those moments captured in tangible form. Your photos deserve to be enjoyed, shared, and treasured. There are no restrictions—it's all about your memories taking their rightful place in your heart and home.