I am incredibly inspired by the Pacific Northwest, my home, and—though I might be biased—one of the most breathtaking places in the world. Growing up here, surrounded by all this natural beauty, has deeply influenced my filmmaking style.

Beyond the lens, I co-founded a non-profit called Heart to Soles. We gift brand-new shoes to local kids in the foster system. Why shoes? It's more than just footwear—it's about giving them the power of choice, the freedom to pick out something that speaks to their style and personality. It's a small gesture that can bring a world of confidence and joy to incredible young lives.

I can't help but mention my family—the heartbeats of my life. My wife and two kids are my world. They inspire me daily, reminding me of the love and beauty of authentic connections.

On your big day, know that my love for storytelling, my commitment to giving back, and the daily joys of my family all infused in every frame. From sunrise coffee chats to those late-night dance floor moves, we're right there in the mix, ready to catch smiles, tears, and all those in-between feels. We're preserving something amazing, something that speaks to the heart of who you are—and what really matters. Your story, your love, set against the backdrop of a wonderland that's pretty damn amazing, too. 

Favorite Wedding Moment

The heartbeat of the celebration: the dance floor. I love the way people let loose, the laughter, the unfiltered glee and the camaraderie that take over. It's a time when friends and family come together, a crowd of joyful souls moving to the same beat, shedding their inhibitions and celebrating the love in the 



Photography wasn't exactly a planned career for me. After earning degree in graphic design, I realized I wanted more human interaction and more time outdoors. And then photography found me. Soon my camera became an extension of myself—like I could finally explain my perspective. 

In my photo career, I've had some incredible opportunities. I've had the privilege of capturing moments at events as monumental as the Olympics and being a part of the dynamic world of flight attendants. Along the way, I've been fortunate to have my work in various publications, which has been both humbling and inspiring.

Beyond all the camera hustle, my family is everything. I've got an awesome husband and two amazing stepkids who bring endless inspiration to my worldview. They're my reminder of what matters and why photography is so important for preserving memories.

While these experiences have certainly shaped my perspective and honed my skills, what excites me is the chance to translate my experiences into something as personal as a wedding. I believe that every event, no matter the scale, holds its own significance and beauty, and it's an honor to be trusted with documenting these intimate moments.

Favorite Wedding Moment

Without a doubt, the ceremony recession. As the newly married couple walks down the aisle I get to watch all the anticipation, nerves, and emotions that have built up throughout the day disappear. The energy in the air is electric, and there's an overwhelming sense of love and support that consumes everyone. Capturing that moment is a privilege.

We're excited to know your love story here's a bit about ours.

Our Proposal video. Spoiler alert: she says yes!

The Northwest Film Bros.

We also have a team of incredibly talented individuals we're lucky enough to call friends.

Kote Green


Chris Graham


Andrew Schafer

Client Love

— JC & BC

We hired both Bryan for video and Molly for photo and were beyond happy with that decision. Individually their work speaks for itself and is of the highest quality, but having them both and the ability to work together allowed them to be efficient and capture moments that might not have been caught otherwise. Bryan & Molly are just a fun couple to work with and very relaxed and professional. They bring a sense of fun to their work and it makes both the process and day of very relaxed and enjoyable.